Collection: Floating Vanities, Basins, Mirrors and Side Cabinets

Welcome to our exquisite selection of contemporary floating vanities, mirrors, LED mirrors, and side cabinets! Elevate your space with our meticulously crafted designs that seamlessly blend functionality with style.

Each of our countertops comes equipped with pre-cut waste and tap holes, ensuring effortless installation of basins and taps. Should you desire, you have the option to utilize your basin, albeit with predetermined positioning for both the basin and taps.

Please note that our offerings are subject to stock availability. If a specific product is unavailable, rest assured that we're committed to providing a seamless experience. Should stock be unavailable, our manufacturing process typically takes 7 to 10 working days to fulfill your order.

To ensure your desired product is in stock before proceeding, we kindly ask that youย contact usย to confirm availability. Our team is here to assist you promptly and ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.

While the images provided serve as visual aids, it's essential to note that they are for illustrative purposes only. Variations may exist in the actual product or configuration, despite our commitment to accuracy.

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