FAQ - What does your loose standing kitchen cabinets and vanities cost?

FAQ - What does your loose standing kitchen cabinets and vanities cost?


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When considering the cost of TLC Online loose standing kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, it's essential to compare them with other high-quality kitchens that also utilise solid wood construction. Typically, you'll find that our prices are approximately half of what you'd pay for a fitted solid wood kitchen elsewhere. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional value for money in the realm of solid wood kitchens. We encourage you to conduct your research, obtain other quotes, and make comparisons. However, it's crucial to compare with other SOLID WOOD kitchens, not the standard melamine or chipboard ones. 

We provide a cost advantage for those who prefer the D.I.Y. route. Our kitchens fit neatly between DIY Pine kitchens and more expensive professional installations. By designing and planning your kitchen yourself, you save on consultation fees typically associated with built-in designs. Moreover, since our kitchens do not require professional installation, you save on installation fees as well. If you can arrange your delivery, you can further reduce costs. We estimate that this approach nearly halves the overall cost of your new kitchen. Our prices are based on this system, offering the advantage of being cheaper than purchasing a fully fitted kitchen. However, it does entail a bit more effort on your part. Alternatively, you have the option to hire a professional fitter, but even then, the cost should still be substantially lower than most kitchen suppliers, given that the units come pre-built. 

For those on a tight budget, our modular purchasing system allows you to buy one piece at a time and expand your kitchen gradually as your budget permits.

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