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        Charmain's Kitchen: A stunning black Butler basin with black taps, black cup handles and Bax knobs to complement it. A large island perfect for a large family with a gas oven and hob with the gas bottle coming in the cabinet behind the oven and hob. The cabinets are a custom green - Maestro and Antique Petal white countertop and wall units with Walnut solid wood countertops and trims in the Hampshire range.

        Charmain Kitchen black butler basinCharmain KitchenCharmain Kitchen black butler basinCharmain Kitchen black butler basin

        Solid wood X on the sides of the island:Charmain Kitchen islandCharmain Kitchen

        Large island countertop:

        Charmain Kitchen island countertopCharmain Kitchen

        Deluxe Pantry with four internal drawers and spice racks on the doors:

        Charmain Kitchen Deluxe PantryCharmain KitchenCharmain Kitchen black butler basin

        Mariette's Kitchen: Has Dark Onyx Black cabinets with Sand solid wood countertops and brushed gold strip handles. The island has a gorgeous solid wood side waterfall. This kitchen has a painted plinth (kickplate) option.
        Mariette Kitchen island with waterfallMariette Kitchen
        Coffee station with clear glass wall units on either side and full shaker doors in the middle:
        Mariette Kitchen coffee station with clear glass wall unitsMariette Kitchen
        Pot and spice pullout drawer by the oven:
        Mariette Kitchen pot drawer and spice drawer
        Double butler basin in the scullery:
        Mariette Kitchen scullery with double butler basin
        Mariette Kitchen
        Laura's Kitchen: Coming with World Heritage Green cabinets and a Walnut solid wood stain and antique brass cup handles and double scroll knobs. This kitchen has our Hampshire leg option - with the solid wood bottom trims with thick legs in the Walnut stain:
        Laura Kitchen coffee station and double butler basinLaura Kitchen
        Coffee station with microwave space on the right:
        Laura Kitchen
        Laura Kitchen
        Laura Kitchen
        Here is the fluted double butler basin with gold tap finishes with handles to match:
        Laura KitchenLaura Kitchen pot drawers and built in oven
        Ntando's Bathrooms: The main bathroom has a 1200mm wide Pino Four Door Vanity in Petrol Blue with Walnut stained solid wood and black Thor handles
        Pino Four Door Vanity
        Petrol Blue Pino Four Door Vanity
        Petrol Blue Pino Four Door Vanity
        Kid's bathroom: An 800mm wide Pino Double Door Vanity in Philosophy Green, Sand solid wood stain with antique nickle double scroll knobs
        Pino Double Door Vanity
        Philosohpy Green Pino Double Door Vanity
        Kid's bathroom: A 1000mm wide Hampshire Double Door Vanity in Light Grey Aluminium with Sand solid wood and antique brass cup handles
        Hampshire Double Drawer Vanity
        Werner's Kitchen: A full kitchen in Rhine Castle grey with Java solid wood countertops and plinth (kickplate) and brushed nickle strip handles. This kitchen takes advantage of the wall space with double door wall units and open shelf corner units.
        Werner Kitchen
        Here you can see the open shelf wall units with solid wood shelves:
        Werner Kitchen
        Coffee station with double door and open shelf wall unit:
        Werner Kitchen
        Solid wood shelving open shelf display unit:
        Werner Kitchen
        Deluxe Pantry with four internal drawers and spice racks on the doors in the corner:
        Werner Kitchen Deluxe Pantry
        Coffee station:
        Werner Kitchen Coffe StationWerner Kitchen corner floor unit with open shelf wall unitWerner Kitchen corner floor unit with open shelf wall unit
        Vivienne's Bathroom: Our beautiful Silhouette Double Drawer Vanity in World Heritage Green with a Walnut stained solid wood countertop and brushed gold half moon handles to complement the brushed gold spout, tap and waste.
        Vivienne BathroomVivienne BathroomVivienne Bathroom
        You can see the brushed gold trimmings in the bathroom:
        Vivienne Bathroom
        You can see the fluted top panel with thin shaker drawers here:
        Vivienne BathroomVivienne BathroomVivienne Bathroom
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