Collection: Loose Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Welcome to our Loose Standing Kitchen Cabinets collection, where functionality meets style. Delve into our diverse range, meticulously crafted to suit various widths, with transparent pricing for your convenience.

Our floor units boast a standard countertop depth of 600mm and a height of 900mm when paired with a Rubberwood countertop. Opt for a quartz countertop from our esteemed partner, ProQuartz, and the height adjusts to 890mm. For those eyeing tall units, expect a standard height of 2130mm, inclusive of the top cornice.

Envision how each unit can seamlessly integrate into your space, whether as standalone pieces or combined to form a cohesive layout. Our adaptable options empower you to mix and match units according to your spatial constraints and individual preferences.

Personalisation is key, and we offer a spectrum of customization choices. Tailor the cabinet colour, leg, and base to your liking, along with selecting handles and knobs that resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities. With an array of colours within the Plascon range, you can effortlessly align your order with your distinctive style. Please be aware that opting for a colour beyond our standard selection may incur an additional cost.

While the images provided serve as visual aids, it's essential to note that they are for illustrative purposes only. Variations may exist in the product or configuration, despite our commitment to accuracy.

Explore our comprehensive pricelist to uncover additional size options and their corresponding prices.Β 

Schedule a consultation with us in our showroom, or allow us to visit your home for measurements and a personalized quote. While we charge a callout fee of R1,150 including VAT, rest assured that this amount is credited back to you upon proceeding with our services.

We look forward to assisting you in creating your dream kitchen.

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