FAQ - What is a loose standing kitchen?

FAQ - What is a loose standing kitchen?


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A loose standing kitchen refers to a kitchen layout where the units are not affixed to each other or to the wall, as is typically seen in modern fitted kitchens. 

When you invest in a TLC kitchen, you're investing in standalone kitchen furniture. Our cabinets are self-supported, eliminating the need for attachment to the wall to maintain structural integrity. While many of our kitchens mimic the appearance of permanently installed ones, they offer the flexibility to rearrange the layout if desired. Sink cabinets may require plumbing, and stove cabinets may necessitate basic electrical work, but most units are free to be moved as needed. 

Wall units, while attached to the wall, are secured much like framed pictures, allowing for potential relocation. The popularity of loose standing kitchens is on the rise due to their inherent flexibility, providing the freedom to make changes as desired or required. Additionally, many of our floor units can be equipped with castor wheels for effortless repositioning. 

For those on a budget, a TLC Online kitchen can be assembled piece-by-piece, with additional units added over time as finances allow.

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