FAQ - What are the advantages of a loose standing kitchen?

FAQ - What are the advantages of a loose standing kitchen?


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Loose standing kitchens offer the flexibility to change and adapt as your family, home, and budget evolve over time.

With the option to purchase one piece at a time, you can gradually build your kitchen according to your budget.

In the event of emergencies such as leaks, fires, or electrical faults, free-standing kitchens provide easy access behind and underneath the cabinets since they are not permanently affixed to the walls.

Loose standing kitchens can be moved for thorough cleaning, reducing the risk of pests finding refuge within cupboard linings. TLC loose standing cabinets are designed to prevent vermin from hiding, ensuring a hygienic environment.

You have the freedom to select units that complement the existing decor throughout your home, with the option to even match colours.

TLC loose standing cabinets and bathroom vanities are exclusively available online through our website, eliminating overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar stores. This allows us to offer competitive prices and pass on savings directly to you, the customer.

Should you relocate, you can take your kitchen, or at least components of it, with you to your new home.

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